Refund form

A white-label web and mobile form

Meetch sends a link to the policyholder by email when they sign up. This link takes them directly to a step-by-step online form allowing them to make their claim in one minute.

Each claim form can be customised "on the fly" in white-label format with design elements from our partners.

Some examples:

If required, the claim form can be made available from our partners' customer area by using our claims APIs.


A step-by-step form

The first step of the form makes the claim secure. The order number (or Meetch subscription number) as well as the email used to make the reservation (for the stay, trip or show) are the two identifiers required to proceed to the next step.

Meetch insurance policies may include several types of coverage. For example, the Meetch programme for luxury hotels offers coverage for cancellation as well as interruptions to stays, late arrival and loss of luggage. At this stage, the policyholder selects the coverage they wish to activate.

At this step, the policyholder sees the list of products (stays, trips, tickets for shows, etc.) they have insured with Meetch. They can select all (or some) of the products they want to be refunded for.

At this step, the policyholder sees the list of possible reasons for cancellation in order to get a refund. There are of course reasons related to Covid (positive PCR test from the policyholder or one of their relatives, high temperature at the airport, etc.) but also health reasons (hospitalisation, illness, death, etc.), professional reasons (transfer, redundancy, cancellation of a meeting, postponement of leave by the employer, etc.), societal and political reasons (strikes, attacks, riots, etc.), and reasons related to essential appointments (exams, court, IVF, etc.). The policyholder must then select the reason of their choice.

Each reason for cancellation has a specific requirement for proof that must be uploaded in order to proceed to the last step. At Meetch, only one piece of proof is required for each reason for cancellation, with a maximum of two for certain reasons. A simple scan of a hospital invoice, proof from an employer, etc. is enough.

The last step allows the policyholder to enter their bank details (IBAN, BIC) to get their money back. More than 50 different currencies are managed by Meetch. The refund is made by bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT).

Meetch Manager

Following up cases via the Meetch Manager

As soon as the claim form is completed, the policyholder receives an acknowledgement of receipt/email notifying them that their request has been received.

The Meetch teams then take over and provide a response to the policyholder within 24 hours and a refund within 48 hours when the requested proof is as required.

Partners have direct access to the work of Meetch teams via their access to the Manager. The features of the claims interfaces allow them to:

  • interact with Meetch teams via the "comments" feature
  • view the history of Meetch teams actions (file opening, refunds, requesting additional documents, etc.)
  • send pre-configured emails to their customers

At the beginning of the week, each partner receives an email summarising all the cases processed and refunded over the last 7 days, and all the cases currently being processed. They can then, directly from the email, view each case on the Meetch Manager.

On the client side, each stage of the process is documented by email so that policyholders know exactly what work Meetch has done. The refund is made by bank transfer to the IBAN provided when the refund is requested (last step of the form).

Make a refund request

The insured cannot find the link to make their refund request?

He can contact the Meetch teams by e-mail at
Or use the universal refund request form below:

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