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Meetch interfaces with the main software on the market. If you don't have this software, Meetch technical teams are available to help your technical teams make interfacing as easy as possible. The implementation time for Meetch APIs is extremely fast.

And even without an API interface, the files and reports you can download from your booking software are enough to provide your customers with a simple and intuitive Meetch cancellation coverage experience.

Make an appointment now with a member of our technical team to discuss:

Since 2019, Meetch has been developing a technology platform that provides a unique customer-centric experience for its partners, their customers and its claims management teams. Our objective: to be ever more efficient with refunds. Today, thanks to this technology, our teams refund your customers within 48 hours. This is a serious commitment and we have stuck by it so far. Also note that our technology integrates with immediate banking solutions, so transfers are instant. While a conventional transfer takes 72 days to arrive in the customer's bank account, ours take 3 minutes!


How does it work?

Meetch insurance is all embedded in the sales tunnels of our partners. The insurance is directly integrated into the basket. It's paid for when the customer orders (the ticket, the stay, the trip, the transport, etc.).

Once payment has been made and the information has been sent to Meetch (via connector, or via files), the policyholder receives a subscription confirmation email with the insurance contract attached and, in the body of the email, all the information needed to claim if applicable.

We can always be contacted at the following email address:

and via the chat on the homepage of our website

If a customer wants to be called back, we will ask them to send their phone number by email to the address above.

Of course! We work 100% with French and international players and our coverage is aimed at all customers: French, European and international. Our correspondence with policyholders (emails, texts, phone calls with our teams) and refund forms are multilingual.

Customers insured with Meetch will have their refund request accepted within 48 hours, with a refund given within the same timeframe if their proof is valid. An initial response is regularly provided within 24 hours.

Meetch is the only company that is contractually committed to meeting these deadlines with its partners.

We build simple products and always ask for the bare minimum. We will ask for one piece of proof in 90% of cases, and two pieces for more complex cases.

To request a refund, simply click on the link that was sent to you by email when you subscribed and go through the different steps on the form. Your request is validated in less than a minute and processed in 48 hours.

If our teams need additional information or pieces of proof, they will contact you by email at the address you used to make your reservation (show tickets, stays, travel, transportation, etc.)

The first step of the refund form is for you to authenticate yourself so that Meetch can secure your request and retrieve your ticket information.

Deux informations doivent être renseignées : votre adresse email – celle avec laquelle vous avez acheté vos billets – et la référence de souscription Meetch que vous avez reçue par email juste après le paiement de votre réservation (billets de spectacle, séjours, voyage, transports,…), lors de votre commande. Si vous ne retrouvez pas votre référence de souscription Meetch, vous pouvez renseigner à la place votre n° de commande du site marchand sur lequel vous avez effectué votre réservation.

Lors de votre réservation, vous avez reçu deux emails. Le premier du site sur lequel vous avez effectué votre réservation, confirmant votre commande, et le second de Meetch confirmant votre souscription au service de remboursement.

Attached to this email is your insurance certificate. If you are unable to find this email with your certificate, you can request it by emailing

Your certificate will be returned to you within 48 hours.



The coverage offered by Meetch insurance is set out in the following article:

If you have specific questions about a particular coverage option, you can contact a Meetch consultant by clicking here:

Our programmes include the best coverage on the market, with Covid coverage naturally part of it. We cover illness, a positive PCR test, notice of being a close contact of someone who has Covid and everything related to Covid, as long as the risk is individual. Border closures and other recommended quarantines are not included in our coverage.

Meetch caters to all needs, including those of business customers. These customers want to be able to cancel in many different scenarios, in particular:

  • If a meeting is cancelled
  • If an assignment is cancelled
  • If construction work is postponed We have created a category for any random reason of a professional nature and cover many situations, as long as we have the required proof.

To learn about all Meetch professional coverage, you can read the following article:

This is very comprehensive and covers all cases of illness or hospitalisation for yourself or a loved one. Three particular scenarios:

  • Pre-existing illnesses: You will be asked to provide additional proof to understand the chronology in relation to your reservation date
  • Psychiatric illnesses: An additional medical certificate may be required
  • Alternative medicines: An additional medical certificate may be required

To learn about all Meetch health coverage, you can read the following article:

Meetch est un acteur humain avant tout et nous comprenons la peur de voyager ou de participer à un spectacle suite à un événement comme celui-ci dans un endroit bien défini. Chez Meetch, si vous avez peur de partir dans un endroit qui est dans un rayon de 50 km d’un de ces événements, nous interviendrons.

To learn about all Meetch societal and political coverage, you can read the following article:

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